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Today the devices and protocols used in the industrial control systems are used in nearly every sector and critical infrastructures such as the Oil & Gas, Power, Water, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing industries. Depending on the industry, we use different types of control systems and associated instrumentation, which include the devices, systems, networks, and controls used to operate and automate industrial processes.

SCADA, PLC and RTU solutions create communication channels that allow equipment to provide data to the control room centres. Data acquisition of process information provides status and control of all types of industrial processes. Our engineers integrate control systems to monitor either water treatment plant, power generation plant, or any facility at any location. The SCADA, PLC and RTU systems are critical to continuous safe operation of the plant.


Akseher GIS / Azerbaijan

110kV GIS Automation and Protection System

Büsan AIS Substation / Turkey

154 kV Büsan AIS Relay Panel, Energy SCADA

Qebele Substation / Azerbaijan

110 kV Substation Automation and Protection System

Kasimlar HEPP Substation / Turkey

Hydropower Plant Substation Secondary Works

Neftcala Substation / Azerbaijan

Substation Automation and Protection System

QAX Substation / Azerbaijan

Gidromash Substation Automation and Protection

Cement Plant Substation / Turkey

Cement Plant Substation

yeo group