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Digitalization has reached all industries and all sectors of modern society. Companies and industries are currently facing challenging transition processes; the future appears to be less predictable for many, which threatens existing competitive position.

Meanwhile, digitalization opens up for many new options, thus, shifting companies’ and organisations’ opportunities to re-position their business and operations. As an agile and innovative company, YEO is committed to support the digital transformation of our customers and partners.

The power industry is leading a transformation that is being driven by digitalization. The ways of power transmission & distribution are fundamentally changing. Digitization and advanced automation is significantly changing
the power generation market.

  • IoT Cloud Connectivity via MQTT and OPC UA
  • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)
  • Connected Smart Infrastructure
  • Digital Eletrification
  • MES
  • Remote Assistance to Drives
IoT, Cloud connectivity via MQTT and OPC UA

Cloud Connectivity is one of the hot topics today. Global data access and analytics pave the way for new applications and business models.

Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)

The AC500 condition monitoring module FM502 is a natural part of the AC500 platform and Automation Builder engineering suite, and can be used in different condition monitoring concepts, stand-alone or control integrated.

Connected Smart Infrastructure

Energy Management (Lighting, Power, Backups UPS, Generators), Fire Protection, HVAC, AccessSecurity, Sensors, Wireless Systems.

Digital Electrification

Manufacturing Execution System


Remote Assistance to Drives


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