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Power Transmission & Distribution

Our smart solutions enable more intelligent, secure, reliable and efficient power transmission and distribution. YEO is specialist in preparation, planning, analysis , design and construction of any power transmission and distribution project.

Power Transmission & Distribution


  • Coal fired power plants
  • Distributed power generation
  • Gas fired power plants
  • Hydro Power plants
  • Solar
  • Wind



  • Plant Electrification
  • Plant Automation
  • Substation Protection & Control
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • Plant lighting
  • Plant Communication 
  • Cabling system
  • Earthing and lightning
  • Protection system


  • Control systems
  • Drives
  • Instrumentation
  • Microgrids
  • Motors and generators
  • Power converters and inverters
  • Protection and control for power generation
  • Excitation Systems


  • Power plant automation
  • Power plant optimization
  • Enterprise software
  • Turbine Control
  • Turnkey power plant solutions
  • Substation automation systems


Azerbaijan Substation Secondary & Automation

IES 5x300 MW TPP Substation

Sulfanol Substation / Azerbaijan

Sulfanol Substation Protection & Automation Project

Zabrat Substation Protection & Automation / Azerbaijan

Electrical & Automation Works

Hotamiş Substation Protection & Automation / Turkey

Electrical & Automation Works

Akseher GIS / Azerbaijan

110kV GIS Automation and Protection System

Büsan AIS Substation / Turkey

154 kV Büsan AIS Relay Panel, Energy SCADA

Qebele Substation / Azerbaijan

110 kV Substation Automation and Protection System

Kasimlar HEPP Substation / Turkey

Hydropower Plant Substation Secondary Works

Neftcala Substation / Azerbaijan

Substation Automation and Protection System

QAX Substation / Azerbaijan

Gidromash Substation Automation and Protection

Cement Plant Substation / Turkey

Cement Plant Substation