• Electrical and Automation Solutions

    Endless efficiency possibilities to your industry

  • Water and Wastewater Solutions

    We make the water and wastewater industry perform at its best.

  • Power Transmission and Distribution

    Substation efficiency applications reap real time effects to the power plants and the utility sectors.

  • Petrochemical, Oil and Natural Gas Plants

    We offer efficiency solutions and services for exploration, production,transport and distribution as well as supply and support.

  • Industrial Plants

    Automation for the process segment improves the performance and productivity.

  • Transportation Sectors

    Soft-ware based monitoring & control systems integration for infrastructure like tunnels, bridges & toll bridges, buildings, airports and railways.

YEO at a Glance

YEO, commenced in 2004, a Turkey based service & solution provider of robust and rugged energy systems to all kinds of major industrial facilities, plants and factory of water and wastewater segments, petrochemical & natural gas plants, transportation, Cement & mining industry and other related sectors to both local and international industries and companies.

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